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Signs of a Chronic Cough

Many people view a cough as a sign that you are about to get sick, but coughing actually helps your body stay healthy. The body coughs to help remove any unwanted irritants in the lungs. Removing these irritants will help you avoid dangerous infections. While a cough can be a very good thing for your body, it can also be a sign of an illness. If you have been coughing for an extended period of time, then you are likely suffering from a chronic cough.

A chronic cough is a medical condition that occurs when your cough has lasted for at least two months. The near constant coughing can make it extremely difficult to sleep at night. You may even get lightheaded or injure your ribs from coughing too much. In addition to the regular coughing, there are also a few other signs that you may be suffering from this condition. Some of the most common symptoms of a chronic cough include a stuffy nose, sore throat and hoarseness. You may also experience heartburn or an odd taste in the back of your mouth when dealing with this type of cough.

A chronic cough is usually a symptom of another serious medical condition. Getting to the root of your condition is the only way to provide relief for your lungs. The most common medical conditions that can lead to chronic coughing include postnasal drip, chronic bronchitis, gastroesophageal reflux disease, respiratory tract infections and asthma. Taking blood pressure pills and smoking on a regular basis may also cause you to develop a chronic cough.

If you have been suffering from a bad cough for at least two months, then you need to seek medical treatment to find the underlying cause of the cough. Depending on the severity of your cough, a variety of diagnostic testing methods may be used. A lung function test can also be done to see if your problem is being caused by asthma.

Once the cause of your cough has been properly diagnosed, it is time to start your treatment. The medication used will ultimately be determined by the underlying cause of your condition. Antihistamines are used to stop a postnasal drip. Antibiotics can help if the cough is caused by an infection. Taking the medication as prescribed will effectively eliminate your unwanted cough. It is also recommended to drink plenty of fluids and avoid tobacco smoke when treating a chronic cough.

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