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Looking for answers to your most important questions about food allergies? Look no further than our Food Allergy Desensitization at Columbia Allergy Clinic page for answers.

Food Allergy FAQs – Desensitization at Columbia Allergy clinic FAQ:

What types of food allergy desensitization do you offer?
We offer sublingual immunotherapy (SLIT), oral immunotherapy (OIT), and epicutaneous (patch) desensitization.
How do I know what type of treatment is right for me?
At your initial consultation, we will review your history and test results to determine the right treatment for you.
How long have you been offering food allergy desensitization?
We began our first patient on oral immunotherapy (OIT) to multiple nuts in 2007.
Are there any risks involved with food allergy desensitization?
During treatment, some patients may experience allergic reactions to their treatment doses. The course of treatment and protocol will be adapted accordingly for each patient to ensure safety.
Which food allergens do you treat?
We can desensitize a patient to any allergen. We regularly desensitize to common allergens like peanut, tree nuts, milk and egg, but have also treated unusual allergens like avocado and chickpea.
Which of your offices offer food allergy desensitization?
In California, these services are offered in Oakland, Fremont, Sunnyvale and Redwood City. In Washington, these services are offered in Bellevue, Fischer’s Landing. In Oregon, these services are offered in Salmon Creek.
Do you accept Insurance?
Many of our services can be billed through insurance. Please ask us about your specific insurance plan!
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