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Intradermal Testing

Intradermal testing is one of the allergy tests offered at Columbia Allergy. Intradermal testing can be useful in identifying potential environmental and medication allergies. This test uses a small needle to inject potential allergens in a liquid form under the top layer of skin, usually on your upper arms or forearms. After the allergens are injected, the patient will wait for 20 minutes to see if a reaction occurs to the allergens applied under your skin. In addition to determining which allergens cause a reaction, this test can also help to identify the severity of these allergies based on the size of the reaction. 

If an allergy is present, you may develop an itchy, red bump at the location of the injection site on your skin. The itching will often resolve in several hours and can be managed with an antihistamine or topical medication if uncomfortable. The test results will be used by the specialists at Columbia Allergy to develop a customized allergy treatment plan. If you are interested in identifying your allergies through intradermal testing, call your nearest location or schedule an appointment online today!

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