Our mission is to provide patient-centered care for allergies and asthma.



Allergies and asthma are a global challenge, with nearly 50% of school-age children struggling with some form of allergy. When allergy and asthma affects you on a personal level, you need a trusted provider who treats each patient as an individual. That’s exactly what we do at Columbia Allergy.


Allergies can take many forms, from seasonal sneezes to life-threatening complications. We help our patients better understand and manage their allergies to help lead full lives.


Asthma can lead to difficulty breathing and constricted airways, dangerous conditions that can be life-threatening. We help our patients manage these risks and related symptoms.


Allergies can also result in skin irritation and rashes, which can range from uncomfortable to debilitating. We diagnose and treat each skin condition individually to provide long-term relief.

GI & Others

Allergies and asthma can impact many other aspects of our health, from our gastrointestinal tract to our sinuses. We treat all allergy-related conditions through customized care.

Do You Suffer From Allergies?

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Monica H.
“First time at allergy specialist they really care about my kids lifestyle they care more about their patients that their wallet. Now days that's a keeper. ”
David W.
“Adam and the staff were great at considering my concerns, explaining my results and listening to my questions. Plus everyone was on time and things moved swiftly. ”