Our mission is to provide patient-centered care for allergies and asthma.


Asthma is a lung condition that affects more than 25 million Americans of all ages. Patients with asthma have swelling, spasming, and increased mucus production in their airways. This can make it challenging to move air in and out of their lungs. You may be at a higher risk of having asthma if someone else in your family has it or if you are often exposed to secondhand smoke or chemicals. Asthma symptoms may vary in severity and may come and go. Common asthma symptoms include:

  • Wheezing
  • Coughing
  • Shortness of breath
  • Chest tightness

Things that make your asthma symptoms worse are often called triggers. Some common asthma triggers include:

  • Upper respiratory infections like the common cold
  • Allergies
  • Exercise
  • Cold air

If you are experiencing any respiratory symptoms, the specialists at Columbia Allergy can perform lung function tests such as spirometry, bronchoprovocation tests, and peak expiratory flow tests to see if you are suffering from asthma. There is currently no cure for asthma, but the providers at Columbia Allergy will create an individualized treatment plan that may include inhaled medications or allergy treatments to keep your symptoms from getting in the way of your day-to-day activities. If you are suffering from asthma, call your nearest location or schedule an appointment online today!

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