Our mission is to provide patient-centered care for allergies and asthma.

About Us

From convenient locations across the West Coast to patient-centered clinical solutions, our most important commitment is the lasting well-being of every individual who walks through our doors.

Our mission is to provide personalized care for allergies and asthma.

From our earliest days, we have been a pioneer in breakthrough customized approaches to treating asthma and allergy, including desentization treatments for shrimp and nut allergies. Through it all, we have always ensured that our treatments fit our patients’ real lives.

Our Philosophy

We treat asthma and allergies through a patient-focused approach that views every person as an individual with unique challenges and goals. We set ourselves apart from other allergy clinics in multiple areas, including:


The practice’s Sanjeev Jain, MD, PhD, was the first doctor in the world to successfully desensitize patients from shrimp allergies, and his achievements don’t stand alone.


We have a culturally diverse staff of highly trained physicians, nurses, and medical assistants, including experts in allergies, immunology, pediatrics, and internal medicine.


Patients at Columbia Allergy enjoy comprehensive care—where no issue is too specialized—in order to get the most out of each appointment.

Our Team

We invite you to learn more about Columbia Allergy by speaking with one of our seasoned providers today.


Sanjeev Jain, MD, PhD, FACAAI
Founder and CEO, All Locations
Kiren Jain, M.D.
Diagnostic Radiologist


Swetha Gurajala, PA-C
Physician Assistant, WA
Patty Chi, MD FACAAI
Allergist, San Mateo, CA
Renu Gandhe MD, FACAAI
Allergy & Asthma Specialist, Fremont, Redwood City, & Sunnyvale, CA
Rheumatologist, Redwood City, CA
Ravdeep Kaur, MD, FACAAI
Allergist, Oakland, CA
Allergist, Fremont, Oakland, Sunnyvale, CA
Michael LeNoir MD, FACAAI
Allergist, Oakland, CA
Melissa Hutton PA
Physician Assistant, Oakland, CA


Jenny Stear PA
Physician Assistant, Eagle, ID
Courtney Flynn NP
Nurse Practitioner, Eagle, ID


Logan Johnston, PA-C
Physician Assistant, OR
Kate Geller PA
Physician Assistant, Clackamas, Gresham, OR
Michael Noonan, MD, FACAAI
Allergist, Pacific Region, WA, OR


Jessica Ehlang, PA
Physician Assistant, WA
Gabby Harding, PA-C
Physician Assistant, WA
Amy Brookman, PA
Physician Assistant, WA
Adam Cherry PA
Physician Assistant, Clackamas, Gresham, Fisher's Landing, WA
Allison Shuster PA
Physician Assistant, Fisher's Landing, Longview, Salmon Creek, WA
Julia Gibbons NP
Nurse Practitioner, Longview, WA
Chau Brodnan, Dietician
Dietician, Bellevue, WA

Do You Suffer From Allergies and Asthma?

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Monica H.
“First time at allergy specialist they really care about my kids lifestyle they care more about their patients that their wallet. Now days that's a keeper.. ”

David W.
“Adam and the staff were great at considering my concerns, explaining my results and listening to my questions. Plus everyone was on time and things moved swiftly. ”

Prashant S.
“Absolutely exceptional. The doctor, team and facilities are the best you could ask for. We have never felt more comfortable and safe. With the approach we have taken with our son and has made the whole process so much easier. You guys makes difference in people’s lives”
Noah J.
“Nothing worse than worrying about every cookie and ice cream snack out there that sends us to the ER. Dr.Jain and Dr. Gandhe who are the best. Their expertise and kindness have given us back both dessert and peace of mind. I don't know which one is more appreciated. ”
Hana L.
"Dr.Gandhe always puts my son at ease before treatment. She talks to him directly and in an age appropriate way. My son looks forward to visiting her and the other staff. When I have questions about treatment she responds clearly and, during after hours, Dr. Gandhe responds very quickly. We feel well cared for."
Amy M.
"Dr. Gandhe gives us excellent personalized treatment for my son’s peanut and tree nut allergy. She has a heart for kids with allergies and I feel very safe under her care. My son has already made great progress with his tree nut allergy"
Nikko Y.
"Best Office Ever!"
Georgia B.
"One of the best doctors + staff I have ever met. The care and professionalism is out of this world! We feel comforted and safe at our visit "
"Dr. Jain is very kind and friendly as well as the staff "
Graciela R.
"Dr.Jain and Melissa Hutton PA-C are the best allergy providers I have ever had the pleasure of meeting. The entire staff is kind and helpful. My allergy care is comprehensive and I never feel rushed through an appointment-"
"Best decision we have made in my son’s life so far"
Merritt F.
"We are very confident with Dr. Jain’s treatment plans and recommendations. The staff at the Fremont office is amazing"
Cherylyn V.
"Amazing and awesome team for scary and life-threatening allergies"
Manalie J.
"Dr.Gandhe is very patient, explains everything in great detail and answered all of our questions. It helped to ease out our Anxiety about OIT"
Walter M.
"Dr. Gandhe is great, thoughtful, and a caring provider. All staff is fantastic as well!"
Sarah S.
"We are likely (5 stars) to recommend Dr. Jain to friends and family. Our experience here has been so positive and supportive. It is great clinic and has given us great hopes in treating our son"
Khushi P.
"Extremely great experience. Truly God sent figures. Dr. Jain and Melissa are such wonderful and humble doctors, I have ever met. Thank You. Dr Jain and the entire staff for being with us through the journey. I will recommend him to all the people that I know with allergies
Amrita M.
"Dr. Gandhe has been more than a blessing for us. We love her! She’s so great at talking explaining and planning everything. Her treatment has been spot on and I am so thankful we found you. We love all the nurses, they are so patient and loving"